Skywonders is a project by Antonio Martin-Carrillo, aimed at explaining in a simple way why things look the way they do in astronomy. All the images shown in this page, unless otherwise explicitly indicated, have been taken and processed by Antonio Martin-Carrillo. Detailed information on what it was captured, camera settings and processing tools are given for each image on the Gallery section.

If you have any suggestions on topics that you may want to see discussed on the blog, events that you would like Antonio to organise/participate, or if you wish to use any of the photographs/videos shown in the website, feel free to sent them via the contact form or via any social network.

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Read my article on lucky imaging on the issue number 6 of Fotógrafo Nocturno, the most important magazine in Spanish dedicated to night photography.

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The new Astronomy calendar is now out! Includes the phases of the moon plus all major astronomical events of 2019.

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Listen to our weekly podcast on astrophotography, astrophysics and all things space related. Available in iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iVoox, Spreaker… Also available in Spanish as “La ciencia en la Astrofotografía”.

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Photographing the Moon (without a telescope)

Many people think that although the Moon is clearly visible in the night sky and that we can easily see some its features with just our eyes, a telescope is needed to capture those features in detail with a camera. While of course, a telescope will help enormously (I think nobody can really dispute that), one can achieve great results with just a DSLR, a long or semi-long lens and a tripod. It is really that simple. If not, have a look at the image opening this article. In that image you can see many features on the surface of the ...
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