Free webinar: Photographing the Perseid meteor shower

Geminid meteor shower taken at the Teide Observatory in December 2018. Credit: Antonio Martin-Carrillo

Learn everything you need to know to successfully photograph a meteor shower.

From planning your observing night and composition to what equipment to use and its optimal configuration

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • What meteor showers are and why they occur always the same dates
  • The peak dates of all the remaining main meteor showers of 2020
  • Where to look in the night sky for the Perseid meteor shower
  • Equipment needed to photograph a meteor shower
  • What lens to pick: the battle between field of view and sensitivity
  • Camera configuration (ISO, exposure times, image sequence…)
  • Composition taking into account the sky visible during the meteor shower
  • Star trackers and meteor showers: a good combination?
  • Imaging processing techniques

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